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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dubuffet On The Move?

You Paid How Much For Painted Fiberglass??

Looks like the Jean Dubuffet scupture that's stood outside 1100 Louisiana for 23 years will be relocated to Boss White's new downtown bum repository city park.

Kinda sorry to see it relocated to an area where it's sure to pick up a permanent pong of Night Train-produced pee.

I can't count the times that Redwood and I & occasionally Zibig & Lunachick would wander downtown for an afternoon of quaffing black & tans at Birraporetti's, or beaujolais at La Carafe, then wander around downtown looking at all the sights. The Wortham Theater and courtyard was new at the time, and 611 Walker still belonged to HL&P. Hell, for that matter, Texas Commerce Tower was still Texas Commerce Tower... Dunno what it's called this month.

We'd splash water for a while at the two water walls at Louisiana & McKinney, then cross over to the sculpture. If it was late enough in the evening, and foot traffic had died down, many was the time we'd spark up a jay and have a little art appreciation session while climbing on the sculpture. I'm sure that's not quite what Dubuffet had in mind, but French artistes were generally full of absinthe anyway.

Hey, it shows up on the satellite view!