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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Master Race Strikes Again

Assholes Like This Are Why I Support The Death Penalty.

Remember this dickhead? I blogged about him last year when he went from being Public Enemy #1 to Public Orifice #1.

This Nazi wannabe killed a prison guard while attempting an escape from a medical facility this morning. He carjacked an SUV, led police on a long chase, and eventually was cornered in an Arby's restaurant. Guess he had a helluva jones for a Jamocha milkshake and some curly fries.

An unidentified citizen managed to wrest the guard's gun away from him, and I imagine in the process of getting yanked out of the restaurant by the police, his face probably came into contact with many, many nightsticks an unfortunately placed doorjamb and tabletop.

I sincerely hope he "accidentally" falls down three or four flights of stairs on the way back to prison. With any luck, he'll break his worthless neck and save the cost of a trial.