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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anybody Hip To The Python?

A Plea For Assistance!

OK, need a little help here...

I'm supposed to head off to a party up in Dallas in July. It's sort of a combined birthday bash for my friend Jenni, her buddy Billy, and yours truly.

This year, the party's theme is Monty Python, and it's a costumed affair. I need to come up with a costume, and brain-lock is setting in.

So, what kind of costume should I attempt? It needs to be REALLY inexpensive, somewhat quick & easy to assemble, and if we can manage funny, that's even better.

Oh, and *NO* GOT-DAMN MR. CREOSOTE suggestions! First, I don't own a tux and can't afford to rent one, and second, I ain't carrying around a puke-filled bucket all night. Anyone suggesting variations on that theme will be held down and stuffed full of "woffer-theen" after-dinner mints at the next blogmeet.

I had considered pairing up with Rockhauler and doing the fish-slapping dance, but again, I don't want to have to keep up with a couple of dead trout all night, and about the 3rd time I fall in the pool, I'll be about done with that foolishness.

Any suggestions are welcome! Muchas gracias!