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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Corporate Mergers

Blogging With Little Or No Effort!

I heard this one on the radio recently. I groaned so loudly, it set the truck to swerving...

There's a rumor of a huge four-way corporate merger... They say that the Fuller Brush Company will be combined with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Hale Business Systems, and the Grace Company to form a corporation called...

Hale Mary Fuller Grace.


Here's a few more:

A number of years ago there was a proposed merger between Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers. Rumor had it that the new company would be called Fairwell Honeychild.

There is a merger in the works involving Polygraph Records, Warner Brothers, and Keebler. It will be called Poly-Warner-Cracker.

Don't forget the failed merger between Yahoo and Netscape: Net'n'Yahoo. It didn't work out because they were afraid they would have to relocate the headquarters to Tel Aviv.


3M & Goodyear = mmmGood

John Deere & Abitibi-Price = Deere Abi

Honeywell & Imasco & Home Oil = Honey, I'm Home

Denison Mines & Alliance & Metal Mining = Mine, All Mine

3M & JC Penney & Canadian Opera Company = 3 Penney Opera

Knott's Berry Farm & National Organization of Women = Knott NOW

Crabtree and Evelyn & Apple Computer = Crab Apple

Swissair & Cheseborough-Ponds = Swisscheese

Zippo Manufacturing & Audi & Dofasco & Dakota Mining = Zip Audi Do Da