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Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Funbits

Scraping The Bottom Of This Week's Barrel

Wow. What a week. Boss is still in the hospital, I got cockblocked by some unknown dude who probably wears a paper hat to work, and now I find out that my doc has set me up with some expensive effing CPAP gizmo to help me get better sleep.

Bear in mind that I had the sleep study almost three months ago, and suddenly they want a wad of cash in their claws Right Now. I don't think so, Scooter...

$97 for this gizmo is my co-pay, which is fair enough. However, I'm also getting tapped for an extra $250 for some fancy upgrade NOT covered by insurance that someone has deemed vital, and they want to charge me a $30 monthly maintenance fee on top of that. I dunno whose pair of pants they expect me to pull this cash out of, but they don't belong to me...

To be honest, for $97 at a pawnshop and surplus store, I could put together a credible CPAP that delivers a positive pressure humidified airflow, using a surplus gas mask, aquarium filter, garden hose, squirrel cage air blower and a shitload of duct tape. Heh. If your medical supply kit includes duct tape and baling wire, you might be a redneck!

Sigh. I think one reason these insurance people are so arrogant over the phone is that there's no fear of retribution. How fun would it be to go over to their office and scalp one or two of these bastards just for fun? I bet I could get 'em to pay for big shiny scalping knife as stress-relieving medical equipment...


Did y'all see that the gnomes that make the wondrous Gorilla Glue now make duct tape? Gotta have some!


Saw this on one of the T-shirt sites that pollute blog sidebars. Probably this one.

Dunno why, but I just giggle my ass off looking at it. I've lost my taste for cutesy T-shirts, but I just might have to acquire this one.


In other news... finished Harry Potter, Mk VII. Good read. Had I written it, I would have cleaned house a la Hamlet, but she did away with enough players to give it a finished feel.


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