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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sonofabitch Must Pay!

Got-Damn Intarweb Thieving Scumbags!

Well, I said I was gonna blog about this, so I might as well.

Eagle-eyed Brooklynite Erica spotted a familiar face on a blog recently and brought it to my attention.

See anything familiar?

Yup, that's my avatar. Been using it on iChat since before I had a blog. This person seems to have appropriated it for his own use. In fact, it's on more than one site.

I sent him a semi-polite email. Take a look:
Hello "Vifra",

Just wanted you to know that your unwelcome appropriation (aka 'theft') of my online avatar didn't go unnoticed.

I've been using the one you've got at the top of your page since before I started my blog, and as such have a bit of equity built up in it.

Now, if you're one of the innumerable insolent scumbags that pollute the Internet, now would be the time to get all huffy and roll your panties in a twist, and spew garbage about copyright, fair use and such. For good measure, a really insufferable insolent scumbag would take this opportunity to pack an extra measure of sand into his vagina, in order to remain extra abrasive and unable to relate to

Now, you've got at least 10 friends linked to your blog, so this puts you 8 friends up over the typical insolent scumbags that pollute the Internet, so I'm hoping there's a measure of common decency left in you.

Please, "Vifra", prove to all my readers ('cause I am *SO* blogging about this) that you can do the honorable thing by admitting your error, and finding another picture to represent yourself. It's the polite thing to do!

Best Wishes,

"El Capitan" of Baboon Pirates

So far he/she/it hasn't bothered to reply. Actually, it looks like a news aggregator, some 'bot that strips random items off the web for purposes of generating hits or modding search engine results. Still, someone had to set the ball rolling.

I might have let it pass, but the shitheel used the term "website monetization", which just annoys the piss out of me.

He/she/it has an email. Do what you will.

UPDATE: Let him go. After a laughable set of almost incoherent and illogical emails, I've decided he's a subliterate poseur, not worth wasting your time on. I munged his email addy, not out of any sense of impending retribution, but to consign him to oblivion.