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Monday, October 22, 2007

Of Babies & BILs...

A Fine Finish To A Saturday

Following the BBQ run to Lockhart, I drove over to my sister's place outside of San Marcos for a visit.

My sister and I had a long & pleasant chat at the kitchen table, and I got to play with Baby Grace and watch her burble and drool. She's a remarkably calm baby, and is quite cute in spite of a jowly disapproving look.

Sammy and my BIL were outside working on something while we were talking. Eventually Sammy wandered in and changed out of some wet clothes and into his Halloween costume. He's going as a monkey this year, which is somewhat appropriate. Sammy then insisted I come outside and see what he & his dad had been working on.

As it turns out, Sammy was concerned that there was mud on my truck, so he & my BIL washed my truck! They even got the scrobbly gunk off my front rims where it dribbles off the brake shoes. I was of course dumbstruck, since to my knowledge that dried layer of mud was all that held the fenders to the frame. They also vacuumed out the cab, Armor-All'ed the interior and even steam-cleaned the carpet and seats.

So, now I am in debt to the BIL, which is not terribly onerous, but does prevent me from griping about his quirks until I can do him a solid and re-achieve parity.

Here's Grace & Sammy: