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Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Project LOLA Dividend #2!!

OK, as promised, here's the shiny new toy on my birthday!

I took all the money usually spent on junk food and pizzas and unhealthy crap, and put it on layaway towards my first lever-action rifle! I've got a bucketful of bolt actions, and a plethora of autoloaders, but for some reason, I've never had an old-style cowboy bullet-flinger!

It's a Rossi Hartford 1892 Model in the manly caliber of .45 Long Colt. It's got a 20" octagonal barrel, with a Marbles tang sight and a flip-up front sight. It's going to pair with my .45LC Ruger Vaquero and my 12 ga. coach gun for Cowboy Action shoots, just as soon as I can squeeze into a fancy tooled-leather gunbelt!

On that note, I stopped in at the Dr.'s office and had a weigh-in this morning. I'd been underestimating the pounds lost! Since last September, the official total of lard lost is.... 122 lbs! Yay!!

And here's my reward: (Click pics for full size!)