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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salad: The Sequel

I Got Olives! Lotsa Olives!

OK, I made some changes. We now have Dinner Salad 2.4.7(beta)

The herb garden mix has been replaced by a spinach/red leaf lettuce/baby romaine mix. I've never been really wild about arugula, and the raw dill weed was kinda icky.

Added to the mix: a couple of spoonfuls of chopped salad olives, sliced onions, peppers and celery, some cherry tomatoes and the usual chunks of fake crab.

I tossed in half-a-handful of lowfat feta cheese. Something's wrong with the texture, though. I think I'll go with the regular feta, and just use less. I've tried the lowfat and nonfat cottage cheese, and they make me want to hurl.

I forgot to get some eggs. How long do hardboiled eggs keep, if you leave 'em in the shell inside the fridge? Anybody know?

Anyway, here it is. About 450 calories total, and bigger than your head.
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