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Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Conversation With Cake

Lead Us Not Into Temptation...


Time: 1:35 pm
Location: Breakroom at the office
Subject: El Capitan
Undercover Operative: Fudgy Chocolate Cake

Transcript as follows:

FCC: HEY! Big boy! Come over here!

EC: Um... Excuse me?

FCC: Yeah! You! Get over here, big guy!

EC: You're a slice of cake...

FCC: The Compliance section had a party! They left me all alone! C'mon over and keep me company!

EC: Ah, no. I better not.

FCC: Ohhhh... I'm SOOO lonely! Lean over here, I'll tell you a secret!

EC: I am so gonna regret this.

FCC: I'd LOVE it if you ran your tongue all over me!

EC: Ahhh! I knew it! You're trying to entrap me!

FCC: I would never do that!! C'mon! Just one little lick!

EC: I gotta go.

FCC: Check out my moist luscious backside! C'mon, stud! Dig that tongue in and wiggle it around!

EC: God, you smell so good...

FCC: No one's gonna know! Take a big bite!

EC: Waitaminnit... What's that smear down your middle?

FCC: Oh, that's nothing! Hurry up and EAT ME!!

EC: That looks like a finger got dragged through your icing!

FCC: OK, maybe there was! You gonna eat me or what?

EC: Sorry, baby. You're damaged goods. I'm outta here...