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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fuck You, AT&T!!

Technology Strikes Again...

It should NOT take almost an hour of websearching just to find a phone number that you can call and actually speak to a human being!!

Long story short, an AT&T repair truck blew a stop sign this morning 3 blocks from my house, and I had to stand on my brakes to keep from hitting him.

I followed the asshole back to my own street, where he was pulled up next to another AT&T truck. Not wanting to shit where I live, I got his truck # and license plate, and would call AT&T dispatch from the office.

Little did I know that if you don't have an account with AT&T, they really REALLY don't give a shit about speaking with you. I either got busy signals, answering machines, or no answer at all on most numbers in the directory, and all the automated lines insisted on a 10 digit phone # before you could proceed.

So, FUCK YOU, American Telephone & Telegraph!

Love, El Capitan.