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Monday, August 09, 2010

On The Road With Cigar & Firearm

Be Sure To Stick The Right One In Yer Pie Hole!

Another fun-filled weekend for El Capitan! Of course, I'm paying for it now in lack of sleep and a slightly sore ass from riding around, but it was worth the butt-numb.

Friday night was the regular Poker-Fest up at the Cisco Kid's place. We had a good crowd, and the chips started flowing at a rate rarely seen around the table. When you play for nickel-dime-quarter stakes, a $13 pot is one for the record books. I could have done a lot worse, buying in for $15, and going home with $8 and change. Usually, I lose all of it!

It's the kind of poker that drives the pros and purists crazy. Multiple wild cards & nonstandard games make it impossible to predict the odds, and many, many times you'll go all in on 4 kings just to be beat by 5 threes. Still, it's fun, and no one loses so much you can't make the rent.

Saturday was another trip back to Galveston. I drove down to see Jim from Smoke On The Water and help him out on a project.

Jim may have lost his sloop to Hurricane Ike, but he's doing all right. He and his partner/GF/SO Iris have a beautiful home, and Jim's spent a fair amount of time redoing the interior following the Ike flood. Jim could make a great living as a contractor if he decided to go that route. The interior work is impeccable, and if it weren't for a couple of extremely fuzzy cats laying around, you'd think you were in a model home for a new subdivision.

He's also pretty handy in the kitchen. He cooked up some extremely tasty slabs of dead cow for dinner, and afterwards we hung out on the porch to watch the sun go down, accompanied by bourbon, beer and cigars.

So, muchas gracias, Jim & Iris!!

I got up early Sunday and puttered around the house for a bit. The urge to go do something hit just before noon, and I wandered downtown to the Angelika to catch a flick. I've got to start going later in the day. For some reason, every time I go, whatever film I'm seeing is always in the #6 theater all the way in the back, and the underpowered A/C hasn't cooled the place off yet. You sweat through half the damn movie...

Watched 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', the middle film of the IKEA Mystery Trilogy, as a commenter at Lilek's site called it.

It wasn't as good a film as 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo', and I'm even less inclined to read the novels after seeing where the plot went. There's something about the Swedish point-of-view that's slightly off with a murder mystery. It's like hearing ABBA sing an AC/DC tune. They get the words right, its nicely melodic, but fundamentally it's just wrong, wrong, wrong. Oh, I don't doubt there's crime in Sweden, but they haven't had a warrior tradition in 800 years. Even Gustavus Adolphus had to hire Finnish cavalry to do his dirty work...

Long week coming up. I'm in & out of the office almost every day, and flat stony broke until payday this Friday. Luckily there's gas in the tank and food in the fridge!