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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Cigars

Where Can I Buy Flintstones Chewable Valium?

After my niece & nephew were packed into Grammy & Pop-Pop's car for a trip to go to a Dora the Explorer appearance, Uncle Cap wisely made himself scarce and retreated to the regional man-cave.

I'd been to the Serious Cigars on Richmond Ave. after work on Friday. It's a nice place, with a much better selection that most local cigar shops, but they didn't have a couple of sticks I'd seen on their website. The guy at the register told me to go to the main store up in FM 1960 where they fill the web & mail orders.

A quick run up the Beltway put me into the weekend traffic mess around Willowbrook Mall, but I managed to plow through and find the shop in the 6600 block of 1960. It's tucked in a little hidey-hole behind a Cort Furniture outlet, and it's next to a full-service car wash.

The humidor is amazing. It's a big U-shaped room wrapped around the smoking lounge. I still didn't find what I was looking for, but the manager on duty knew exactly what I was hunting, and dispatched a cigar wallah to the depths of the store room, and she returned bearing a handful of sticks.

I'm becoming quite partial to Torpedo-shaped cigars. Once you slice off the pointy tip with your cutter, I think you get a better draw than with a Toro or Robusto of equal ring gauge.

I'm also tempted to buy my first box of a certain type. I have been very impressed with the Vega Fina Torpedo. I sort of see it as the cigar equivalent of a lawnmower beer. Not too pricy, not overpowering, just a nice tasty smoke for a Saturday afternoon. I picked up a trio and fired one up in the lounge.

It's a pleasant place to burn a stogie, with an abundance of big leather chairs and cigar ashtrays & table lighters. They sell soft drinks and let you bring in beer & liquor. They also rent storage lockers in the humidor, so you can keep your stash handy. I may find myself visiting often on the Saturdays following a payday.

I didn't know a soul there, but everyone was friendly enough. There's a big-screen TV and a large collection of manly magazines.

I bought another cigar I was curious about. It's a cigar infused with Maker's Mark bourbon. I'm thinking these are a bit of a gimmick, and cost twice as much as they're worth, but what the hell...

Independent tests confirm... One out of one nephews prefer Maker's Mark cigars!