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Friday, April 27, 2012

Worth A Thousand Words?

Friday Firearms Flogging

Saw something interesting the other day, and I'd been wondering how best to blog about it.

The overall theme, I suppose, is the complete futility of trying to ban firearms, especially here in the United States.  We're just too clever a group of "ungovernable" riffraff to let silly things like regulations slow us down.  

Doubt me?  Look how many states have an illegal weed as their #1 cash crop.  Even in the day of (relatively) cheap and widely available high-quality liquor, moonshining is still popular enough that even those of us living in the coastal flats can get some popskull delivered if we really want some.

Back to the firearms, though...   The AR15 is probably the most popular sporting rifle platform available, for calibers other than .22LR.  You can buy 'em off the shelf, or pick out the pieces and assemble your own.

The only part the guvmint regulates is the lower receiver, which looks like this:

Lots of pinholes, nooks & crannies!

Now, making an AR15 lower isn't a walk in the park.  You need one of these:
Next, one of these:

Plus, the skill, real estate, utilities and wherewithal to own & operate them.

You can speed the process along by getting an 80% finished blank. It's not excessively complex, but right at the ragged edge of what an amateur home machinist would be able to do, assuming he could get the forged or cast blanks.

So, if Big Guvmint decides to get all squirrely and clamp down on the available supply of AR lowers,  what are ya gonna do?

Well, you take some of these:

And a bottle of this:

And these:

And one of these:

And if you don't screw up too badly, you end up with this:

Which, when assembled to an upper, looks like this:

An AR15 lower made almost completely out of flat stock.  I imagine I'd use a big chunk of hex bar stock to make the buffer tube holder.  Drill it, tap it, and borrow an arc welder to tack it together.

Example PDF file of plans at this link.

All done inside a garage, and no one the wiser.  Hell, bolt 'em together in a random pattern, call it artwork, and have USPS ship it to wherever you'd rather not go yourself.

Pick yourself up a few lower parts kits.  They're $60-80, and the BATFEIEIO can illegalize them with the stroke of a pen.

See, sometimes it's not really about owning the forbidden item.

Sometimes it's just saying "Go Fuck Yourself" to The Man...