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Friday, March 22, 2013

Slamming The Brakes On Fun!

Spending All My Money!

Bit of a downer this week...  Things were going OK until Wednesday when I was heading back to The Man's Orifice after an off-site meeting, and my truck, for lack of a better term, "failed to proceed".

Naturally, I assumed it was yet another of those got-damned coil-on-plug abominations that have caused me so much grief, but that was not the case this time.  This was some sort of complicated gizmo that feeds into the manifold from the fuel/exhaust system and maintains pressure inside the crankcase.  Seems rather minor, but still cost over 3 bills to fix.

Knowing I was getting paid today, I went ahead with a long-overdue brake job on the front disc brakes, only to learn that the rear drums had been suffering as well.  Not a cheap fix, but it's nice to know a 5400 lb vehicle will stop when you need it to!

So, total cost to El Cap - $1422.26   Ay Cheewawa!!

It's still cheaper than making payments...

In other news, I've already gotten my tax refund, so instead of waiting for the official Buy A Gun Day on April 15th, I've acquired a new bangy thing.  I'll get some pics this weekend and post something next week.  This one's a cutie!

If my DVD copy of 'The Hobbit' isn't waiting on the doorstep when I get home, I may need to go on the warpath with Amazon.  The silly thing was supposed to be here Tuesday...  YEsssss, precious!  We wants our hobbitses!!