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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back On The Train Gang

Rebraiding The Whips & Sharpening The Gouges

Finally!  A new crop of... noobs!

One of my "other duties as assigned" is helping out during the New Hire Orientation for The Man. 

Every so often we get a crop of folks who have abandoned all hope at an honorable career, and instead decided to work as minions of the Nazgul and the Dark Overlord aka The Man.

It's my job to "inflict some larnin' upon 'em".

So, an 8 hour stretch tomorrow over at the Buford T. Justice Memorial Leper Colony & Indoctrination Center.  Of that 8 hours, I get a whopping 30 minutes.  The rest is "observing" the other presenters and deciding what gets weeded out before the next session.

After all, 8 hours to prepare you for a lifetime of toil & misery?  Perish the thought!

Make it 2 hours, TOPS!