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Monday, May 02, 2005

El Capitan's Hosting The New Blog Showcase!!

This weekend is my turn to host the New Blog Showcase. It's a relatively new Carnival-type of gathering, where brand-spankin' new blogs get to have their day in the sun.

If you've got a favorite new blog that's under 90 days old (in other words, they've still got that new blog smell, not the musty, faintly fishy aroma that older blogs acquire), then point them towards the New Blog Showcase to submit their stuff, or better yet, YOU submit their stuff, and they'll love ya so much, they'll wriggle like a spastic wriggly thing and leave a little dribble spot on the floor!

So, get your posts and your mops ready, you've got until this weekend to turn 'em in! I'm blowing off visiting with my Mom for Mother's Day to host this thing, so don't let me down!

Here's the details:

Email submissions to showcase (dot) carnival (at) gmail (dot) com *OR* email them to me at either of the addresses about half a scrollwheel-spin down my sidebar. Post submissions should include the following:

Your Name (or Blog handle)
Your Blog URL
Your Post Permalink
Post Title