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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another Product Plug!

I tried to avoid more unpaid shilling for other people, but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out a few things I've been enjoying lately.

1) David Weber's Honor Harrington series of novels. Sure, it's space opera, but it's GOOD space opera!
Based (loosely) on C.S. Forester's excellent sea tales of Horatio Hornblower (notice the matching initials?), the Honor Harrington novels (12 or 13 of them at last count) have so far been exciting reads, and they're getting better as they go along. Don't run out and buy them just yet, you can read the first two for free right here! The first two are titled "On Basilisk Station", and "The Honor Of The Queen".

I got lucky and found books #3-#9 at the local Half Price Books, but they're pretty popular, so you should be able to get them most anywhere.

2) 'The Shield'. FX's unparalleled cop show. Best one I've seen, bar none. Makes 'Hill Street Blues' look like 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood'. Any cop show where the liberal feel-goodniks get their appeasement and social work foolishness tossed back in their laps is a plus for me. The streets do not respond to bargaining or mediation. Sometimes, to stem the tide of the barbarian, you need cops that are mostly barbarians themselves. Michael Chiklis's character Vic Mackey is NOT a nice guy. However, if you had violent gangs trashing your streets, he's the one you'd want cleaning up. New Shows Tuesday nights, but the rerun on Sunday, right after...

3) 'Deadwood'. Another outstanding HBO series, and one that you'll really need to see from the beginning, as opposed to jumping in at the 3/4 point of Season Two. Good news! The First Season DVD's are out now!
Deadwood is the story of Deadwood, South Dakota, during the gold rush of the 1870's. Many of the characters are based on historical figures, such as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Charlie Utter, Seth Bullock and Sol Star. The 'gem' of the bunch, though, is Al Swearengen. Played by British actor Ian McShane, Swearengen is unquestionably evil, yet is mesmerizing in his voice and actions.

Go check 'em out! You'll be glad you did!