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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

National Ammo Day - Nov 19th

Warm Up Those Credit Cards, People!

National Ammo Day is almost upon us again, gun-o-philes. Time once again to send a message to the retailers that the shooting sports aren't just the province of the militia nutcases and the gangbangers.

Take the time on the 19th to drop by your local sporting goods store, Wallyworld, or gun shop, and pick up at least 100 rounds of ammo. You oughta be shooting that much every week to stay in good practice, but this is a great chance to refresh the stockpile and advertise our support for ammo merchants.

Last year I bought 220 rounds of ammo on the 19th, and promised to double the amount this year. My original plan was to have a 1/2 crate each of 7mm & 8mm Mauser surplus ammo shipped to my doorstep, but things have changed.

First, I've been out shooting more often than usual, and as a result, I'm low on .45 Long Colt and .45 ACP, and completely out of .357 Magnum, save for a cylinderful I kept on hand for unplanned emergencies. So, those stocks need to be built back up before I drop serious cash on rifle fodder. I've got plenty of 7.62x39 on hand for the SKS if the local squirrels get squirrely.

Second, I've been carefully tucking away my pocket change since last year in order to be in a position to afford an Ammo Day Bonus Buy. Last year, I added the Springfield Armory .45 to the collection as the Bonus Buy, and I wanted to do the same this year. It's a good thing I'd made a habit of dumping my loose change and small bills into the Baboon Pirates Treasure Chest every week. I've had some financial issues lately, and that accumulated nest egg (and layaway) made the buy possible.

Want a look-see? I won't unveil it until the 19th, but you're welcome to guess at the identity. (Except you, Zibig! You already know, so shut yer yap!)

I make a payment this week, and the final payment on the 18th when I'll take it home. Here's a peek:

Mark your calendar! Don't forget! Buy some ammo, even if it's just a brick of .22s!

Update: Yeah, I know those are last year's banners. Point me towards the new ones and loan me some server space for pics!