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Thursday, August 10, 2006

El Capitan's Soporific Sonnet

Hey, It Beats Reading A Filthy Limerick...

It's time for some love poetry. Big hugs to Leslie for shining the light on the "assistive software" used to craft this masterpiece.
Once More, My Love

This night I shall dream of your great guava bulbous dandelion.
Once again, this night as all nights, I long to sip from your flugelhorn-pink lips.
In my dreams we fly on the exquisite aardvarking penguin balaclava of love, skimming vast continents of peanuts and pancreii.
The seas shall never separate our motor oils.
Its waters wave like small toenailed angels greeting us from afar.
We shall feast on chocolate-coated scarves and tender telephone hearts of love.
Adorned in white silk, we pluck our quacks from our dandelions.
I shall hold your flugelhorn against my toenail-muffin so that our motor oils melt into one.
You will always be my little eraser face, the flugelhorn of my mauve eye of love.

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