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Friday, April 04, 2008

How To Make Budweiser Suck Even More

Beer + Clamato + Lime = Semi-Nasty!

I was standing in line to pay at the local convenience store last night, and the huge iced tub of beer kept catching my eye. The more I looked, the quicker I came to the conclusion that my month-plus abstinence from alcohol was nothing more than a vanity-induced aberration, and needed to come to a screeching halt.

So, I picked out a 24 oz. can of beer and added it to my pile o' crap.

Not just any beer, though. I'd decided to finally try a michelada.

I can only imagine how this drink was invented. Probably some drunken Latinos were trying to mix a Bloody Mary, and ran out of vodka. One of 'em said "Fuck it, hombre! Just use cervesa instead!"

I can't speak for how a fresh-mixed michelada tastes, but the Anheuser-Busch canned version is... unique.

It's got a weird layered flavor. The first thing that hits your tongue is the usual crisp-yet-thin taste of Bud lager. Immediately after that you're hit with a wall of tomatoey-spicy taste that completely wipes the beer flavor, and even though the can is icy cold, it feels vaguely warm to the taste. Just about the time you're afraid the spiciness is going to go off the scale and leave you with a burning tongue, it disappears completely, fading with a faint hint of lime and beer. See, it's not really spicy at all, but the garlic & spice in the Clamato juice make you think it might be.

I've had plenty of shandygaffs and similar beer cocktails, but this one I don't think I'll care to repeat. Something about mixing beer & tomato juice just doesn't work for me.