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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Can't Wait To See How This Ends!

Mess With Divas At Your Own Risk!

Blogging early in the morning is problematic for me, as I don't often have all my social filters running at full speed. You know, those little mental gizmos that tell you what's gonna be OK, and what's gonna get you tarred and feathered?

I dropped by Christina's place, and saw the reference to the latest 25 word challenge. It's a story by many authors, each of whom advance the tale by exactly 25 words.

The subject this week was sex & romance, and due to the early hour, or low weekend traffic, there were only two sections completed. Naturally, I had to add something. That darn over-developed Absurdity gene of mine kicked in, though. I'm afraid they won't like the direction I've spun the tale.

Let's see how the divas handle this! I'm hoping for some creativity to follow this one up! I'll be quite put out if my section gets "disappeared". You never can tell with divas...

UPDATE: Bah. Trying to throw a group of sex-crazed bloggers for a loop failed miserably. My little monkeywrench didn't even slow them down as they went galloping madly for the naughty bits. You'd think they'd never had sex before, the way they oozed and panted their way through their 25 words. Sigh. Try for a little creativity, end up in a Harlequin Romance.