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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Day Of Reckoning Arrives...

Thy Remarks On My Eval Are As The Footsteps Of Doom!

Had my first employee evaluation from The Man this afternoon. It was 4 months behind schedule, but Hey, who's counting!

Well, actually, *I* am. It's hard to take your "Meets Expectations" grade in the Productivity category seriously when the evaluator didn't get it done on schedule. In fact, I believe the only reason I got the evaluation now was that The Man has decreed that all evals are to be done by the end of May.

It's not a bad review. A 4.13 out of a possible 5, for you number crunchers out there. I even successfully lobbied to have the "Keep communications professional" remark removed from the eval, since the one time I've had cause to flay someone via email for egregious stupidity, I was careful to not make any remarks that couldn't be backed up with facts, and managed to make the offender look like a clueless ninny in a non-confrontational manner. After all, it wasn't MY decision that the aforementioned ninny forwarded my remarks outside the department. Hmmmph. I should get "Exceeds Expectations" on Corporate Warfare. Unfortunately, that category doesn't exist.

The scary part is that I essentially got 86 out of 100 possible points mostly by just showing up and going through the motions. That either speaks highly of my ability to make Shinola from a pile of shit, or people around here aren't used to seeing the type of person who yanks rabbits out of hats for a living.

OK, that's kind of vague. A better way of saying it would be that my initial (and only) effort on tasks tends to be better than what a lot of people slave weeks over.

That's not meant to be complimentary on my part, mind you. It's just that I have procrastination and sloth honed to such a fine degree, I rely on my innate wordsmithing skills to pull my ass out of the fire more often than I should. One of these days, I'm gonna miss the trapeze, and it'll be seriously ugly.

It's given me some things to think on, though. If I actually put some serious effort in, I could make some significant leaps and jumps up The Man's ladder. Now I just need to decide if I want to.