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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Think Happy Thoughts!

The goal is a child who will rebel against her parents and vote conservative in 18 years!

My favorite besieged Blue-Staters, the Andy & Laura Anarcho-Socialist Pagan United Worker's Collective Domestic Co-op Coalition, are about ready to bring their first child into the world!

Laura's had her Central Baby Processing Unit churning along for about 9 months, and the progress bar is right at the 99% mark! They should be downloading little Anwen Ruth any day now.

Y'know, politics is politics, and we often disagree, but one thing we can all get behind without reservation is a healthy newborn, with no difficulties for the mom, either.

Wish 'em well, friends, neighbors and readers. I'm Fed-Ex'ing a big wad of happy thoughts up to Dallas this week, and I hope you will too!

Good luck, my friends!