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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

WARNING!! Cute Baby Alert!

Diabetics Are Warned! Excessive Sweetness Ahead!

Just got another batch of photos of little Sammy from my sister. He's up to 11 pounds already! Pretty soon we can go out for wimmen and brewskis!

My sister didn't caption the photos, but I can imagine pretty well what's going on. Right now I think he's watching CNN on their living room TV, and getting pissed off at the liberal slant. Or, he just wants his diaper changed.

Here Mom (and *damn* does it feel weird referring to my little sister using that term...) goes to check on the diaper, and Sammy raises hell 'cause she's blocking the TV screen! Well, that or he wants a shot of Maker's Mark bourbon.

OK, that's all for now!