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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Flirting With Addiction

I'd Almost Prefer Heroin

Had a cup of coffee yesterday. First hot cup of coffee in more years than I can remember. Fortunately, it was municipal public meeting 5 gallon percolating urn coffee, so it tasted like shit, and there's little chance I'll get back on the java wagon as a result of my dabbling with addictive substances.

I used to consume quite a bit in college, and I'll still sneak a frozen coffeeslurpee from Starbucks once or twice a year. In an effort to cut back on the caffeine intake, I just quit drinking the stuff. I figured there was no point in drinking the unleaded version. Why drink a hot bitter beverage if it's not going to kickstart your heart?

Yesterday, though, I had this coughing fit in the meeting that I just couldn't shake. We were in a secured facility, so there was no way I could go wandering the halls looking for a coke machine, and there was no water available.

So, I bit the bullet, dosed a cup with a packet of the pink stuff, and slurped it down. The hot liquid set my throat straight, and 5 minutes into it, I could feel my eyeballs tingling and hands begin to quiver. That was always the fun part of that first cup of the day. The first cigarette of the day did that too, as I recall.

Well, I'm too far down the lo-caffeine road to resume the coffee thing. I could see myself having a cup after dinner now & then, now that I'm no longer a born-again coffee virgin.

None of that funky-flavored coffee, though! Our department director drinks vanilla-flavored coffee, and the smell makes me gag. Nope, if you can't take it straight-up, you might as well be drinking tea.

Now I need to get another Diet Dr Pepper. Boy, talk about your addictions...