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Friday, August 12, 2005

Speaking Of Barbecue...

This Is How NOT To Do It!

A warning right off the bat... The link at the end of this post leads to some seriously effed-up shit. If you're squeamish about eating animals, seeing dismemberment of cows, peeled off cow faces, and sawn-open skulls, I'd highly recommend that you go find a cat-blog and come back here tomorrow.

This is a graphic representation of how to prepare tete de veau, which means cow's head. My French is really bad, but I inferred quite a bit from the pictures, and it seems that to prepare this dish, you do the following:
First, skin a cow's head, then scrape everything edible from the skull. Saw open the skull, remove brains, and add them to the pot. Finally, wrap everything in the skin, roll it up, then boil until tender. Yum, yum!

I first read about tete de veau in a book by chef Anthony Bourdain called Kitchen Confidential. If you're in the food service industry, or have escaped it to a better life, it's a must read. It has NOT inspired me to try this misbegotten dish, and to thank my lucky stars that I live at an income level that forces me to neither eat trendoid French offal-based food at pricy restaurants, nor eat stuff like this out of economic necessity.

If you were the person I lifted this link from, thanks SO much, and I wish I could remember who you were so I could point the blame your way. Dax, this kinda smells like your cup of demiglace... I was going through my bookmarks looking for blogfodder and ran across it!

At any rate, here's the money shot... tete de veau.