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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Son Of A F#&%!^& B!T(#!!!

I knew I shoulda gone out for lunch today. That way, I'd still have a project to work on this afternoon, instead of finishing it earlier. Now I'm busy contemplating my navel and looking for other ways to avoid terminal boredom.

I got to thinking about a blogpost I wanna write just before the blogfest at the end of this month. Deals with expectations vs. reality. What you get vs. what you see. I try not to misrepresent myself here, but there's a variety of topics I just don't cover. Most times they're just not relevant to the discussion at hand. To my knowledge, though, I've never refused to answer anyone's direct question, though I may ask to change to a non-public venue. I'm also maintaining that thin veneer of deniability separating meatspace from the blogosphere, just in case The Man twigs to what I'm up to.

There was a smidgen of chatter along the "You ain't telling everything" theme following the last large blogmeet, though I'm not sure whether it was accusatory or just commentary. It's been hovering in the back of my mind ever since. I don't mind if you think I'm an asshole, but I don't want you thinking I'm bullshitting about anything.

OK, I'm rambling. Long story short, I was just sitting here judging (among other things) how closely my little cartoon avatar matched the real meatspace face I've got. Not too far off. It gets the receding hairline, the 'stache/goatee thingamabob I've had on my face for 10 years now. The earring's on the wrong ear, but I was looking into a mirror when I made the avatar, so it's technically correct as a mirror image.

However, I haven't worn the earring in months. Not allowed here in the Realm of The Man. Not on males, anyway.

Boredom being what it is, I got to wondering if the hole had closed up yet. Punched it myself with a sewing needle back in '86, so it's always been much smaller than the ones punched via the gunslingers in the shopping malls.

Hmmmm... No earrings handy. Not gonna use a thumbtack. OK, howzabout a straightened-out paper clip? We got some small ones here!

Lube it up with some Purell sanitizer... Deep breath... Insert firmly!!

(See title of this blogpost for reaction)

Yup, hole's still there. Didn't even bleed!

I'll try to remember to put in the earring prior to the blogfest. FSM knows you might not be able to spot me in a crowd without it.

***Must... maintain... straight... face.... Bite Lip bitelipbitelip...***