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Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy Week!

No, Not Work. The Man's Minions Are Never THAT Busy...

It should be an interesting week...

Saturday morning was the department's Great Bowling Adventure. Aside from getting the lanes next to the tween-ager birthday party and their incessant shrieking, it wasn't too bad.

We got maybe a 1/3 of the department out for the event. I completely suck at bowling, turning in two game scores that would have been fantastic had we been golfing. Alas, had we gone golfing, my scores would have been appropriate for bowling...

Saturday afternoon and Sunday was spent mostly horizontally. My head was completely congested, and it was making a weird ringing sound in one ear, plus a little vertigo. So, listing slightly to port, I ventured out for some munchies, then crashed on the bed, rolled up in my woobie, and plowed through 2 1/2 novels over the course of the weekend. I was accompanied by two fuzzy cats, a Super Gonzo Gulp of diet soda and an electric fan set on 'High'. I got up around 7 p.m. Sunday to fire up the TV for 'The Sopranos', only to discover that the bill I couldn't remember if I paid or not was indeed the Dish Network bill. So, I had my choice of the NASA channel or the Dish Network Techtalk channel. Sigh. If Paulie got whacked, I don't wanna hear about it!

For what it's worth, I've never seen Betsy Cat sleep so soundly as when she's directly in the fan's breeze, her fur blowin' like crazy.

Tomorrow's got me doing training all day, Wednesday more of the same. Thursday should be mostly paperwork, but I've got Part II of the Sleep Study that night, where they'll hook me up to the CPAP machine and I'll learn to scuba-breathe at night.

Friday's gonna be nuts. Aside from recovering from the sleep study (basically, a 6 hour nap...) I've got to do an oil change on the truck, get a haircut, go shopping for gifts and food and booze, and get everything packed up and ready for Saturday's trip out to the Hill Country for a pig roast.

I'm thinking I'll leave town bright & early, and help with the food prep before the shindig. Or, I'll simply genuflect in front of the hog smoker for 8 hours, waving fronds of mesquite and chanting "Smokey Pigbutt, Smokey Pigbutt, Pigbutt Pigbutt, Smokey Smokey, Smokey Pigsnout, Smokey Pigsnout, Pigsnout Pigsnout, Smokey Smokey." Or something like that. I won't know until I wrap myself in the saffron-colored bedsheets and drizzle BBQ sauce down my forehead.

I've no doubt the pig roast will go to the wee hours Saturday, but I've got to check out in time to go catch a few winks up the road at my sister's place, then skedaddle home in time to catch the "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!" of the Indy 500 at 11 a.m. on Sunday. Haven't missed watching the race in many many years. I'd watch it at my sister's place, but her TV has got this revolting purple hue to it that's just awful to look at.

I just loves me some Indy 500. Nothing else compares. Open wheel racing makes NASCAR look like dirt track go-carts. Thoroughbreds to NASCAR's dippy little trotting horses pulling buggies. I expect some people will disagree with this opinion...

If I was a complete A-hole, I'd curl up on the host's couch with the pig carcass, commandeer the TV remote, and gnaw my way through 4 hours of the race, but that's just bad manners!

Monday is a LAN party over at the Cisco Kid's place. More opportunity for boozing and frivolity! Don't know how many people will be there, too many of the crew are subject to being on call for various professional reasons.

So, busy I'll be! Hope to see y'all occasionally, but blogging's gonna be tight!

May the Pork be with you!