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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, I'll Be Hornswoggled...

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

It's kind of a double gold star day for El Capitan...

First, I shared the Director's Award at the monthly staff meeting with a co-worker in my section. It seems that when we completed our training goals for 2007 in a 3 month period, the Division Director assumed we needed some official recognition.

Personally, I would have been OK with an extra day off as a reward, but we got the usual Certificate Suitable For Framing and a $25 gift card. That card is destined to be exchanged for about half a bottle of some decent scotch. It's not often I get to drink on The Man's dime... I'm thinking I need some more Glenmorangie, though I have had my eye on that bottle of Lagavulin...

Next, I was the featured peon in one of The Man's house organs. (Go ahead and click the link for the definition if that's a new term for you... I don't need any grief about close proximity to The Man's nethers at the next blogmeet)

I'm not completely pleased with the article. I think the author mangled a couple of my quotes, and he certainly applied some spin to the piece to pretty it up. I didn't intend for my responses to reflect the smallest smidgen of a cheery attitude, but I suppose in an official publication, they're not going to let me be my usual curmudgeonly self.

The article is available online, but due to my usual privacy and pseudo-anonymity concerns, I ain't publishing the link. If you have an overwhelming Need To Know, drop me an email and ask. I might just reward the faithful!