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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Cat Experiments

Some Additional Fun Feline Frolics

This week's scheduled experiment, tying buttered toast to a cat's back for antigravity experiments, was delayed due to a critical lack of butter. I used the last stick a couple of weeks ago to make Mac & Cheese, and forgot to buy more.

I had some of that newfangled heart-healthy margarine available, but conducting high-energy feline rotation experiments using an unproven lubricant/power source might have resulted in the cat, the margarine, the toast or myself unwittingly being sent into an alternate dimension.

So, ya know how when a cat curls up to sleep, they greatly resemble a comfy pillow?

Well, if you pick up your cat, they rapidly uncurl, and don't much resemble a pillow anymore. However, you can hold 'em in your arms like you would a baby, and stuff your face in their belly fur and make motorboat noises with your lips. The resulting vibrations should, in theory, have a soothing and relaxing effect upon the feline experimental subject.

Just for the record, both cats objected to the whole procedure. In fact, they objected most strenuously, and made their displeasure quite clear. This researcher needed Bactine as a result...

Our test subjects: Betsy Cat & Pookie Cat

Next week: We place a small rodent in a large inflated Ziploc bag to test feline depth perception and spatial awareness..