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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mudbugs On The Menu!!

They're Like Little Baby Lobsters!!

Man, I ate a $h!tload of crustaceans this weekend...

We're deep in crawfish season, and a buddy of mine invited me out to his annual backyard crawfish boil this past Saturday.

I dunno how many people he was expecting, but there was enough food to stuff a battalion of famished wolverines.  He had three gas burners going full blast, and two ginormous boiling pots, gallon jugs of boil mix, and a big shoebox-sized container of dry spice mix that got pitched in the water by the cupful.  The third burner cooked the corn, 'taters and some of the shrimp.

Add to that two BBQ grills cranking out the sausage, and some other stuff being shuttled out from the kitchen, and it was keeping 5 people busy full time.

Three 40 lb sacks of crawfish met their doom.  It was a shame I couldn't hear their agonized shrieking over the roar of the burners!

After the cooking carnage, we ended up with the following:

Two jumbo ice chests completely full of boiled crawfish (120 lbs)
One medium-sized cooler full of boiled corn & taters.
One small cooler full of boiled shrimp
Two pots full of grilled shrimp
10 lbs of boudin
10 lbs of deer sausage
15 lbs of link sausage
10 lbs of hot dogs (for the kids)
10 lbs of dirty rice
Assorted odds & ends & desserts.

Plus, a keg of beer and multiple bottles of bourbon.

Needless to say, I ate like a Cajun king that afternoon.  My tray looked kinda like this:

Of course, you'd have to add a double handful of shrimp, several half-ears of corn, sausage, boudin, etc. to complete the effect.

If you get a chance to go to a boil yourself, don't miss it!!