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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adios, ALCO

Adventures In Suburban Retailing

Less than 3 years after the grand opening of ALCO, the latest effort to make a profitable store in the aging hulk at Gessner & Neuens Rd in Spring Branch has packed up and moved on.

Way back in the 80's, the spot hosted an Eagle Foods, some sort of off-brand grocery shack.  Several other flavors of discount grocery stores have tried to make a go of it, but usually flamed out within a year or so.

The longest stretch was an incarnation as a 99 Cents Only store, but that folded back in 2010.

Enter ALCO, a chain of Target-like stores based out of the Midwest.   Usually aimed at the rural market, they picked this area as one underserved by the usual gang of retail chains.

Foolish critters...  I could have told them that they were on a bus route that also got you within a block or so of two Walmarts, a Walmart Pantry, Walmart's Supermercado (aimed at our Latin residents) a Target and no less than 10 small Latino bodegas.

Prices at ALCO could never compete with Wallyworld, and even though they were a lot closer than Target, they lacked Target's much nicer layout and selection.

So, adios, ALCO.  Hope you didn't cost too many people their careers...