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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

We Just Had A Weekend, Didn't We?

I Should Start Smoking Weed & See If There's Any Difference...

Complete wash this weekend on any sort of productive activity right up until the very end...

I was supposed to go toss some cards with Festus, the Cisco Kid & the rest of the Wild Bunch on Friday night, but somehow the truck eased it's way west instead of north and ended up idling in the driveway with me semi-snoozing behind the wheel.  Shook myself awake long enough to shut down the engine, lock it up and stumble off to bed.

After that, it's a blur.  Saturday I have no memory of, but I did manage to leave the house at least once, judging by the empty bag of Burger King still on my desk.

Sunday was more of the same, but I got a call from the Layabout Sailor as he wended his way from the pseudo-tropical isle of Galveston up to El AeroDromo Internationalia on a pickup run.

We had a brief but enjoyable chat & chew at the Whataburger down by the freeway, and then went our separate ways.

Monday was a typical crap day at the office.

Got home, and the big news was awaiting me...

My parents, aged 78 & 75, decided it was a great idea to go adopt a shelter dog.  And so they did.
A 4 year old miniature poodle.

Countdown to mandatory dogsitting by El Capitan in 3....2....1...