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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Post Has No Title

Ask Me About My Horrible Horse Joke

Damn.  Another week when I don't get a post up until Wednesday...

Been crazy busy at the Salt Mine.  Meetings, offsite conferences, training sessions, and the fun is just gearing up for the spring.

I had a crack-of-dawn class in far South Houston yesterday.  Man, those suck.  Getting up before the poultry is never my cup of tea.

I saw the tail end of the midtown smoke plume on the way back into downtown.  Apparently some welders sparked a fire in a brand-spankin' new apartment loft complex that was finishing up construction, and burned the 5-story structure to the ground.

Check out YouTube, it's quite the weenie roast.

No gun purchases lately.  Most of my spare cash is being banked in anticipation of a complete overhaul of the truck's undercarriage.  I need a swap of all the shocks, struts, ball joints, tie rod ends, Pittman arms, and assorted jimcrackery that makes the thing stay on course.

And, of course, the "Check Engine" light is on.  Again.

The fun never stops.  The bills just get larger.