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Thursday, April 10, 2014

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A Crack Habit Would Be Cheaper Than My Book Habit...

More itty-bitty book reviews...

'Alpha' - by Greg Rucka

Rucka, perhaps best known for his Queen & Country graphic novels and work with both Marvel & DC comics, starts a new series with 'Alpha'.  (Beats starting with Omega, I suppose, though that would be a nice twist...)

I'm a huge fan of Rucka's 'Atticus Kodiak' series of novels, in spite of the outlandish name of the hero.  It's right up there with Wen Spencer's 'Ukiah Oregon' and Neal Stephenson's 'Hiro Protagonist' in the "WTF were they smoking when they locked that name in?"

Still, 'Keeper', 'Finder' & 'Smoker' remain some of the best action/adventure/mystery fiction to come down the pike in a long time, so if 'Alpha' was anywhere in the ballpark, it was worth the gamble of the cover price.

It doesn't disappoint!  Basic premise is that a retired SF shooter goes into the corporate security business.  In this case, the corporation involved is a thinly-disguised version of Disneyworld. Now, plant a bunch of terrorists in the park on a busy day, and turn up the volume to 11.

Fun read!  Check it out!

'Under a Graveyard Sky' & 'To Sail A Darkling Sea' by John Ringo

5 word review?  OK...

"Zombies on the high seas"

Virus-mutated zeds have occupied the earth, and our last best hope is a small group of folks who went down to the sea in boats to ride out the apocalypse.

Now, this is John Ringo, so expect lots and lots of blood splashing and guns blazing.  Also, the required "Oh, John Ringo, NO!" is in full bloom as the #1 & #2 characters are nubile teenage girls constantly put in compromising positions while mostly undressed.

Seriously, the guy makes Woody Allen look like a Grandma-chaser.  Still, they're usually fun reads, and these are no exception.  Bonus points for the automated zombie shredders.

'The Pagan Lord' by Bernard Cornwell

This is the seventh excursion into the bloody fight between the Saxons & the Danes over control over what will eventually become England.  The hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, is getting on in years, and mounts a final campaign aimed at recovering his ancestral fortress from a usurping uncle.

Lots of swordplay, but good character work as well. No matter what Cornwell writes, it's gonna be a great read!

More reviews as I read 'em!