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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Another Ongoing Senior Moment...

You might have caught word of this via the other online news agency, aka the Book of Face, but I have a new step-sibling.  Sort of.   A step-dog, if you will.

My parents, for reasons known only to them, have decided their life is no longer complete without the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the house, and went to the SPCA and adopted a dog.

And not just any dog.  Oh, no.  A miniature poodle.

This is not the first poodle they've owned.   Dad's wedding gift to Mom back in 19 & 64 was a standard-sized poodle named Jacques.  He lived around until the mid-70's or so, long enough to be the dog-in-residence when I came along.

This one has been dubbed "Coco Chanel".  I have been calling it "Putain", but only when Mom can't hear.

It's a bit unfair of me, really.  It's a remarkably well-behaved dog for its size.  It rarely barks, and aside from a bit of a piddle problem, seems like a nice enough beast.

So, being the only offspring or blood relation within a 50 mile radius, I may WILL get dragooned into poodle-sitting from time to time.

*Sigh*  Better stock up on those fake bacon treats, paper towels and Lysol...