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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Licence Renewal Time

All Hail The DMV!!

Damn. Another six years gone by?

Got a notice in the mail to report to the local DMV in order to renew my official state permission to operate a motor vehicle. I've got until the end of July to come pay homage and renew my tithe.

Way back when, this was not an imposition. We've got a DMV Shack not even a mile from the house, and if you were to drop in right at open or close, you could walk right to the counter and get immediate service.

No longer... Nowadays, there's a line around the building starting from 6 AM and it persists until the State Troopies chase everyone off the property at closing time, or else they'd camp there overnight.

Damn. Guess I ought to get the lawn chairs, cooler and adult diapers ready for the ordeal...