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Monday, May 29, 2006

Give A Hoot!

Owls Are Falling From The Sky!!

Last week my friend Zibig's parents were pelted by falling owls. Well, there weren't exactly a lot of owls. In fact, there was just the one.

Their cats alerted them to a bird flapping about in some bushes. Turns out it was a baby screech owl that decided to sneak out of the nest, only it lacked that critical flying ability to return after its daylight jaunt. I suppose if juvenile owls do sneak out when the parents are sleeping, it makes sense that they do it during the day!

Anyway, they rescued "Bob" the owl, who isn't quite at big as he appears below. Owls fluff up their feathers quite a bit, and he's probably only 1/3 as big as he looks. "Bob" got a towel wrap to keep him (and people's fingers) safe, then got transferred to a luxurious cardboard box in preparation for his trip to the local Owl Rescue agency.

At any rate, here's "Bob".