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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bad Idea, Dude...

"The Eff-Up, You Noob, Was Blowin' In The Tube..."

As one of The Man's traveling circus clowns, I occasionally get to hobnob with some of the other wandering souls that ooze through the Realm dispensing wit & wisdom in questionable quantities.

Policy training, safety training, equipment training, they've all got their high & low points.  Each one shares a common theme.  Sometimes one or more members of your audience is about as sharp as a sack of wet mice...

Heard a good one today.  Seems one of The Man's more...  er... regulatory... departments had some equipment training featuring that wonderful gizmo that will tell you approximately how much alcohol you've consumed merely by blowing into it.

As the class progressed, each student was asked to demonstrate to show they knew how the various buttons & dials worked.

Nary a red light or warning beep to be seen, until right there at the end.  Some hapless schmuck stood up before the entire room and blew a BAC of .17%.


He's now on suspension, pending termination for being drunk on the job.

Y'know, you'd think as soon as the class started and you knew you were rockin' a hefty buzz, you'd "come down with the stomach flu" and get the fuck out.

Hell, at least have a bottle of Scope in your locker...