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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Once Upon A Grimm

Watchin' The TV Until Me Eyeballs Bleed

I just gotta be me....

Which basically means I can't do anything the easy way.  Instead of watching TV shows as they come out, I wait until 2-3 seasons have gone by and then binge-watch until I'm caught up.

Since the primacy of streaming video services, DVDs are getting pretty cheap, and they're still my preferred method of viewing.  Plus, you can sell 'em back to someone else via FeeBay, though you're almost guaranteed a 1/3 discount over purchase price.

Anyway, a bit of compare & contrast on two shows I've been watching, 'Once Upon A Time' & 'Grimm'.

Typical of Hollywood, if one network or studio has a specific property, another will copy it in short order.  We've had dual Volcano movies, dual asteroid strike movies, even dual White House hijacking movies.  These people live for the FUD factor...

'Once Upon A Time' Season One went first.  Basic plot is an extended riff on all the major Disney fairy tales, with side jaunts into some obscure legends.   It's more kid/family oriented.  Enjoyable, and a nice babe-alicious factor, but I don't know if I'm willing to sit through Season Two.

'Grimm', OTOH, is definitely for adults.  More sex, violence and complicated plotlines.  The story here is that all those fairy tales are real, and only a few humans ("Grimms") can see through the veil and recognize the beasties for what they are.

I'm kinda digging Grimm.  You might give it a watch and see for yourself!