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Friday, June 13, 2014

Back On The Air

Who The F#$& Do You Think Was At Fault???

Back on the road, as well.  Back to work, back to the daily commute, betcha know I'm glad to be back! Back in black, number one with a bullet, I'm a power pack...

OK, you get the point.

I think this is the longest I've let Baboon Pirates go without a post since I started it back in 2004.  Once upon a time, I'd just turn the keys over to another blogger and let them post some silly shit, but of the three that I can remember guest-hosting, one quit blogging, another died, and the third lives mostly in Facebook-land these days.

So... the wreck.

Kind of a Perfect Storm, when you get down to it.  A situation that required about 3 dozen different variables to all line up in perfect array, at which point the accident was destined to happen.  My personal quirks about when, where and how I fill the gas tank when the "Add Fuel" light comes on, the crappy roads in my area of town, the ultra-light back end of the truck with an empty gas tank, the location of the gas station that takes my particular flavor of gas charge card, the light rain that hadn't had time to wash down the grease slick on the road, blacktop instead of concrete, and so on.

Or, you could just say the back end broke loose during a left turn on a rainy day, with an eventual emergency deceleration and vehicular rotation that resulted in a nose-to-nose impact between a full-size pickup and a full-size SUV.

I have no idea what the damage will be on the other guy's rig.  We both smooshed the passenger-side bumper and fenders on the respective vehicles.  The SUV was 5-6 years newer than my 1998, and I'm sure it'll cost 2-3 times the $1200 that the body shop billed Triple A for my repair.

But that was just the cosmetics...   The big Kahuna was a 3 years overdue replacement of ball joints, tie rod ends, shocks, struts, and the assorted crap that keeps the truck balanced, level, and aimed whichever way you spin the wheel.  And insurance picked up not a penny of that $2600 bill.

Thank God I had money in the bank.  I'd been asschewed advised in the past for not saving money, but in a rare instance of taking advice, I'd been squirreling away cash instead of spending it.   Thanks, Zibig...