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Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Baaa--aaack...

Satan Sammich! Get Thee Behind Me!!

OK, it's time once again for that limited-time offering of the most godlike of sandwiches, the Whataburger Honey BBQ Chicken Strip sandwich. This time around, the evil SOB's have put it on Texas Toast. I'm drooling as I type this.

I'm facing a serious dilemma, people. Every time I pull off the freeway to head home, I've got to drive past a 30' billboard with one of these sammiches in glossy detail. You can almost smell the BBQ sauce... Actually, you can, 'cause there's a Whataburger right underneath the sign.

I really, really want to eat one. I know I shouldn't. I can probably tough it out. It's only for 4 weeks, or thereabouts.

I'll let y'all decide. Please leave your vote!