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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Post That Will Not Die

More Pearls Of Wisdom. OK, Not So Much Wisdom... Just Don't Eff Up Like I Did!

A long long time back I posted a rebuttal to something written by my friend Andy. I gave it an off-color, cutesy title that I thought was just all kinds of spiffy at the time.

Boy, do I regret it now! I'm slowly moving up the blogging hierarchy, and the search engines are beginning to take a greater notice, whether due to more traffic or just more of my krep that's out there.

I'm now getting at least 20+ hits a day from Google, Yahoo, AOL, and similar search engines, and a depressing number of the search queries are hits off that one blogpost title.

What was the title? Well, I don't want to give the searchbots more ammunition, but it involved bl()w j()bs, r1m j()bs and h4nd j()bs. Oh, my.

Now, I get hits off of the most disgusting search queries than you could possibly imagine. See, it's not always just those terms. Most often, it involves other random words from my blog.

Now, I'm seeing queries like 'bab00n rim j()bs' and 'b4by hand j()bs' and even 'Grandma bl()w j()bs'.

There are some goddamned sickos out there! Keep the Effin' hell away from my blog, you pervs!

So, you new bloggers take a bit of advice from Uncle Cap. Watch how you title your posts!