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Friday, May 27, 2005

A Weekend Of Erudition And Civility.

So Get Yer Ass In The F#@%!ng Toob, Beeeyotch!!!

Here's another gratuitous plug for the Bacchanal on the Comal, or the Tunes, Tubes and Targets Blogfest!

We want your warm bodies in attendance! Hell, we'll take your cold zombie bodies! Just be sure to spritz yourself with Febreze if you undead types bake in the sun for any length of time. We'd sure hate to get you confused with LC Beth's BBQ ribs!

A special invite also to the Bexar County crowd. It's an accident of planning that both our events ended up on the same weekend, but please drive a few miles north and join us for some of the bash! I promise to keep my snarky remarks about the mutant grackles that live by the Riverwalk to a minimum!

Go here, let Zippo know you're coming! Don't be shy! You've got 4 weeks to hang out at our blogs, email folks, and get to know people! We don't bite!

Just a month to go, my little chickadees! We're gonna have big fun!