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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jumpstart A Blog!

Time For An Intervention...

Tomorrow, Feb. 16, will mark the second straight month since my good friend Zippo The Pirate has posted anything on his blog. No updates, no jokes, no silly quizzes... basically, we got bupkis from the Zipster. He's in mortal danger of being dropped from blogrolls and forgotten completely!

Now, Zippo has been busy with the job scene, and there's no doubt about that. Still, there's busy and there's BUSY. You'd think in 2 months (that's 62 days, or 1488 hours, or 89,280 minutes, or 5,356,800 seconds) we could at least get an "I'm Alive!!!" post!

So, it looks like it's time for some friendly persuasion. Head over to Casa Del Zippo, and drop a comment in the last post. Hell, drop in two. Be nice! Just let him know we miss his presence on the 'net, and it'd be great to hear from him again.

If we get enough folks asking, maybe we'll hear a "YARRRR!!!" across our starboard bow once again!

Thanks, y'all!