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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


A Message From Hizzoner

Holy Crap! A Raise!!!

Dear Lowly Orc Peons:

I have directed the senior Nazgül of the Realm of Sauron to implement a 1.5% pay raise for all full-time orcs to begin in April 2006. Eligible orcs will receive the pay hike effective April 1, and April 8 for goblins and the Uruk-Hai. The raises will appear on the checks received April 21 and April 28, respectively.

The 1.5% increase will be given to permanent, full-time orcs who were hired/rehired before or on October 1, 2005, and whose most recent Orc Performance Initiative Evaluation (OPIE) rating is not less than 3.00.

In addition, I will propose a 2.0% pay allocation in the Fiscal Year 2007 Budget. Plans for the pay increase will be implemented at the beginning of the Fiscal Year, or the pay period following the Council of Nazgül's approval of the budget if that occurs after the beginning of the fiscal year. Each orc horde is being asked to submit to me by June 12 a plan for how that money would be allocated. It could include some across-the-board pay increases for defined job categories and/or some merit pay, depending on what plan directors decide best suits the goals of their hordes.

You work hard to make Minas Morgul efficient and responsive to that which we work for, the Great Burning Eye. Thank you. I am proud to be working with you.

As always, fresh hobbit flesh and elf viscera may be substituted in lieu of gold as the budget allows.

Sincerely, Hizzoner
Sweet. Maybe I'll go to the movies. By myself...