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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still Alive!

"He's dim, Jed!"

Searching for a home will certainly suck the life outta you, though...

Putting down my first official offer this weekend.  Kinda scared they won't accept it.

Hell, I'm kinda scared they WILL accept it...

"Welcome to Mortgage Hell, son!  You've been sentenced to 30 years, and that's WITH good behavior!!"


Here's a funny:

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Temper, Temper...

Warranties Cheerfully Voided For No Extra Fee!

Had a bit of a Hagrid moment this evening.

"Shouldn't have done that...  Should NOT have done that!!"

Came home after a 10 hour day capped off with multiple drive-bys of possible home sites in obscure regions of NW Houston.

I was greeted by the incessant peeping of a battery-starved carbon monoxide detector.  I had a spare 9v battery handy, but what I lacked was the obscure bit to fit the screwhead sealing the battery door shut.

15 minutes of futzing accompanied by 15 high-decibel beeps, and El Capitan had all he could stand.

Four inches of high-grade Japanese steel will peel open the backside of a CO detector with very little effort.

The patient, alas, did not survive the operation.

To hell with it.  I'll just make sure I relocate somewhere that's got all-electric utilities...

Monday, February 02, 2015

Xmas Leftovers

Why Do Today What Can Be Put Off Until Tomorrow?

Now that Groundhog Day 2015 is upon us, I suppose I ought to post the last bits of Xmas 2014 that are hanging around the blogpile...

Nephew Sammy had acquired (via his father) a Stevens bolt action rifle in the diminutive yet still effective caliber of .17 HMR for use around the farm.

Sis & BIL have some good friends who retired to some acreage out in the sticks, and in addition to the usual cows, chickens and goats, they have a healthy crop of wild rabbits that Sammy can shoot, and his dog Ralph can (and does) eat.

Somehow, and I'm still unclear on this, Sammy managed to booger up the stock on his rifle, and needed a new one.

Well, that's just what Uncles and Xmas are made for!

Courtesy of Boyd's Stocks, I found one that was a drop-in model, to reduce BIL's workload, and looked pretty sharp!

It fit like a glass slipper!  Sammy seems to like it, too!

Watch out, wabbits!